Wednesday, August 17, 2016

I'm Having a Moment

Perhaps it's stress.  I'm going back to a brick and mortar classroom full-time for the first time in twenty years.

Perhaps it's lack of sleep.  See above.

I'm not sure what it is.

While waiting for my Instant Pot to magically make dinner, I was scrolling through Facebook.

It's that time of year.  My feed is 90% "first day of school pictures, 9% dropping my kid off at college for the first time posts, and 1% ads for icon pee-proof underwear (what the WHAT, Facebook??).

Perhaps it's seeing the faces of people with whom I attended elementary school, junior high, or high school on the bodies of children--some happily, some grudgingly--sporting backpacks and "first day of school signs.  Give Hermione Granger's time-turner a few spins and it could be the 80s.  Those could be the exact same faces that were headed off to Santa Fe Trail, Milburn Junior High, Antioch Middle School, or Shawnee Mission North High School.

Perhaps it's seeing many of the amazing people that Better Half and I had the privilege of doing life with post pictures of sending their kids off to college for the first time and knowing that I'll be doing the same thing in a little over a week.

Perhaps it's seeing the children of my former colleagues.  They're all growing up entirely too fast--serving to remind me of the fact that we've been gone from Kansas for a long time.

Perhaps it's the fact that there seems to be a disproportionate number of high school freshman, seniors, and college freshman this year.  Those milestones tug at my mommy heart.

Perhaps it's watching fellow stay-at-home moms return to the classroom because their children are older and no longer need them home 24/7.  It feels like the end of an era.

I started crying.

This journey--this life--it's just going by really fast.

And while I'm excited for what's ahead and I'd never want to go back, I'd love it if it could slow down a bit.  Just a little.

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  1. I'm trying to be so's so fake. Yay! You're a senior! What an exciting time for you!!! Yay, you're a sophomore...1/4 of the way through high school. Yay, you're in the 8th grade, middle school is almost a thing of the past and look...we haven't killed each other yet. How the heck did you get to be a 3rd grader? You're supposed to be a baby...stop this growing up right now or no youtube watching for a week. I'm going to have to fake my way through these next several years because life is exciting for them. But for me...I didn't plan on being an empty nester. I planned on being a mommy...not mom or "dang it mom" (that's what Glo says when she doesn't get her way...heaven help us) Here we are in the second chapter and the pages are turning faster than I imagined possible. Yes...let's find a way to just s l o w it down.